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Video About How To Get Out Of A Car Lease.

I didn’t know you could do this, wish I had known back when I used to lease cars. Be sure to scroll down through the videos to find the one about car leases. Pretty cool.


Smart USA Announces Pricing – Base Model Car Will Be $11,590.

If you ask me it seems kind of pricey, seeing as how it only holds 2 people. For 11 grand I could get a 2 year old Honda Civic that fits 5, has a trunk and gets gas mileage almost as good as the Smart Car does. Oh well, I really thought they would go […]


Is It Worth The Money? Honda Civic Vs. Honda Civic Hybrid.

Seeing as how many people say that hybrid cars are a waste of money, you will never get back the extra expense, and that they pollute just as much as straight gasoline fueled cars, I wanted to check for myself just how different they are from each other. Since Honda makes the Civic in a […]


Save Some Money – Make Sure You Have A High Deductible Insurance Policy.

When carrying insurance, it is always the smart thing to do to make your deductible as high as you feel comfortable with. This reduces your monthly expenditure and frees up a few bucks for paying down debt or saving. On our car insurance, we carry a $500 deductible, meaning we have to pay for the […]


Thanks To The Guy That Hit My Wife Last Night.

Just wanted to give a big “F YOU” to the guy that took off after rear ending my wife last night in the Mini. That’s real nice; run into a woman late at night leaving her to deal with what happened while you speed away. So after this person actually accelerates into the rear of […]

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