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Can We Please Stop Complaining About Gas Prices?

Everywhere I turn, whether it be the television, a cafe on the corner or a phone conversation with a friend, everyone is complaining about the same thing…gas prices. “The price of gas is out of control!”…”I cannot believe the price of gas!”. Believe me, I don’t like paying for it either, but I try to […]


What Options Are Worth The Money On Your New Car?

Although it makes more financial sense to buy a used car due to the fact that a new car loses a ton of value the minute you drive it off the lot, sometimes you want to make the plunge on a brand new car for your family. And since every car manufacturer has so many […]


My Experience With An Automotive Lemon Law Case.

Back in the old days (read: 1992), I was a 3rd year student at my college and my grandmother offered to buy me a new car because my junker was collapsing from underneath me. I was a poor college student and my mom was struggling financially with the recent death of my father, so instead […]


Gas Saving Myths And Some Real Tips You Can Use.

So the price of gas got you down, huh? I pay $3.70 for regular unleaded here, which is not a pretty number. And even though it is high, the environmentalist in me wishes it would go higher, but that is a story for another blog. CNN has an interesting article about the myths we all […]


Get Free Gasoline For Putting Advertisements On Your Car.

Gas prices are skyrocketing lately…we are paying $3.70 a gallon for REGULAR unleaded here, and it cost me $50 to fill up the tank in our Mini Cooper the other day. Insanity! But thanks to a blog post I just saw over at Wisely Sunshine, there is something you can do about it. If you […]

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