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How an Excellent Credit Score Can Save You Thousands

As I have mentioned several times lately, I just moved back to New Mexico from California. My rent and the majority of my expenses are a fraction of what they were prior to my move back here, but there is one expense that just went up — I needed a new vehicle. See, New Mexico […]


How to Build Credit History – 9 Ways to Improve & Build Good Credit Fast

No credit history? Starting anew with bad credit? It’s time to build up your credit history so that you can get decent rates for small loans and mortgages along with increase your chances to get the apartment of your dreams and better rates on your car insurance. But you may be lost as to where […]


How to Increase Your Credit Card Limit

Think you don’t have enough open credit? Have a major purchase coming up, like buying a car with a credit card to get more reward points? If so, you may want to give some thought to asking your credit card issuer for an increase in your credit limit, which is actually a pretty painless process. […]


What Is a Good Credit Score Rating For a Mortgage or Loan?

Your credit score can make or break many situations in your life. From renting an apartment, to getting a job, to buying a car, to getting a mortgage, your credit score is incredibly important. Last time I checked I had a credit score of 800, which probably helped me to get my current rental over […]


Buying a Car with a Credit Card – Can You Do It?

I bought a car with a credit card. There, I said it, and now everyone can gasp for air as I explain how I bought my latest car with a credit card. I drive a Mini Cooper S, a used car that I bought for just under $19,000 earlier this year, after selling my Subaru […]

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