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My favorite post for the month of December-how we paid off debt.

I figure at the beginning of the month I will post my favorite post from the previous month, and November’s is my post about the system we used to pay off our debt and how it can help you get those debts paid off quicker without much further damage to your wallet: How we paid […]


Got my last free credit report for the year, did you get yours?

I hope by now everyone is accessing their free credit reports every year (are there still some states that dont let you do this?). Through AnnualCreditReport you are allowed 1 report from each agency every 12 months. So we schedule ours for one report every 4 months, and I just got my last one of […]


Thank you Citi for my $100 gas rebate form.

Thanks to reading the post about this over at Blueprint for Financial Prosperity back on Friday November 10th, and thanks to the fact that I have 2 of Citibank’s credit cards, I just received in the mail today my “Mail-In Gasoline Cash Back Certificate”. All I have to do is spend $100 on gas, save […]


Say it with me..”No, I don’t need more junk mail nor credit cards”

Ok, I know you NEEDED that 9th credit card that just showed up in the mail…I mean, how could you turn it down when they offered you 21% interest for 12 years, a free Geo Metro, and a trip to Siberia? Everyone I know gets offers daily in their mailbox for new credit cards…they hunt […]

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