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What’s Next With The Credit CARD Act?

On February 22, 2010, the new Credit CARD (Credit Card Accountability, Responsibility, and Disclosure) Act of 2009 went into effect, which essentially provides more transparency and disallows credit card companies from raising interest rates on outstanding balances without due cause. With the new regulations, credit card companies are only allowed to raise interest rates if […]


How To Request A Credit Freeze From The Credit Reporting Agencies.

Credit freezes are designed to prevent any of the 3 credit companies from releasing your credit report without your consent. When you request a freeze on your report, for whatever reason, you are usually given a PIN number to be used to authorize someone to look at your credit report – whether that be at […]


Updated List Of 0% Interest Balance Transfer Credit Cards.

With the holidays coming up, some of you may carry debt into the new year – but there is no need to pay the credit card companies any interest. If you can transfer your balances to a 0% interest card, at least it will buy you some time to make those payments and not pay […]


After 16 Years, A Credit Card Account Gets Closed Without My Knowledge.

Since 1993, when I was still in college, I have had a credit card with a certain company. Right now they call themselves FIA/IBS, but over the years they have been called various things. Well, as I said I have had this card on my credit report for 16 years, making it the longest line […]


10,000 Ultimate Rewards Points For Chase Sapphire Card Signup.

This looks like a pretty good credit card if you are into cards that pay our rewards for usage. The Chase Sapphire card lets you use your reward points however you want – for things like paying yourself back for purchases you make, for travel with no blackout dates, or for restaurant dining certificates – […]

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