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Best Cash Back Credit Cards For The Holidays

You know you are going to buy presents for the holidays, even if you spend less than you normally do. But by using the right card, and as long as you pay off the credit card before interest is due, you can actually get a percentage of your purchases back by using cash-back credit cards. […]


Credit Card Companies Cutting Credit, Rewards; Upping Interest Rates.

Wall Street gets a bailout, regular old Americans see their available credit decrease, their interest rate go up, and their rewards get smaller… Big lenders “” like American Express, Bank of America, Citigroup and even the retailer Target “” have begun tightening standards for applicants and are culling their portfolios of the riskiest customers. Capital […]


The Best Airline Miles Reward Credit Cards.

I don’t know about you guys, but I charge as many of our personal expenses as possible to my American Airlines credit card to try to earn free flights each year. With ticket prices heading skyward because of increasing fuel costs, flying is getting prohibitively expensive except for the most important of trips. But by […]


Stop The Flow Of Credit Card Offers To Your Mailbox.

Are you tired of getting new credit card offers every day in the mail? Worried someone might steal one, fill it out, and steal your identity? Tired of your existing credit card sending you blank checks that you never use? Well if you are, it might be time to work on stopping this junk mail […]


0% Balance Transfer Offers May Soon Disappear.

Think you will be needing a 0% balance transfer offer from a credit card anytime soon? With credit drying up so very quickly in the United States, these offers might disappear before your very eyes. I am a big believer in using 0% transfers to help get out of debt, if you can use credit […]

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