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The Start Digging Out Of Credit Card Debt Challenge.

Here is the goal of the Start Digging Out Of Credit Card Debt Challenge…to get you started on your way to living debt free. You are not going to get out of debt this month or next month unless you are sitting on a pile of cash that no one knows about. But if you […]


Carnival Of Debt Management #17 Is Up On This Fine Sunday.

The 17th Carnival of Debt Management is up and you can read the posts over at Debt Consolidation Lowdown. My post titled “Is It The Little Things Or The Big Things That Add Up To Your Money Problems?” was lucky enough to be included along with 7 other posts. Go check them out when you […]


Pay Off Debt Or Invest – Well, It Depends.

I think that the most common email I get from readers is “Should I pay off my debt or start investing and/or saving?”…and while there is no sure fire, no doubt about it answer, there are some general rules that you can follow. I am by no means a financial advisor, but there are a […]


Is It The Little Things Or The Big Things That Add Up To Your Money Problems?

I know you have seen personal finance sites all over the internet telling you that in order to make ends meet, you might have to give up that weekly latte you are used to. It is usually the first thing people will say to you when you complain about money troubles, and even though you […]


Want To Read Some Great Personal Finance Turnaround Stories?

Oh I knew you did! Head on over to Credit Card Lowdown to check out 100 inspirational personal finance stories that are sure to offer you ideas and hope for solving your own problems. Most of the links go to the “About” page on different sites (as that’s where a lot of people put their […]

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