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Favorite Blog Wednesday – Don’t Need No Credit.

The fifth personal finance site in my series “Favorite Blog Wednesday” is No Credit Needed, a great website and resource for those living with credit card debt. I have been reading NCN for quite some time, and it is always inspirational to read about people that have figured out that credit is not the way […]


You Know You Have Too Much Money When..

You buy this: A $2,900 radio. That does the exact same thing as a Bose wave radio (or any other stero for that matter). You can also get the limited edition version for $3,492. Scary that people have that much money laying around. Luxist


Money Guest Post – Learning As I Go.

(FYI – Since I will be out of town for a few days and my internet connection will be sporadic at best, I asked No Credit Needed to write up a guest post. Thanks NCN!) I want to thank “My Two Dollars” for the chance to post an article as a “Guest Author”. I love […]


Why We Save Our Money.

United States Personal Saving Rate Everyone knows that you should save your money. But how many people actually do it? According to the latest statistics, not many. The savings rate in the United States has steadily gone down in recent years. My wife and I are on a mission to change that, at least for […]


Top Choices From This Weeks Money Carnivals.

Just wanted to give some credit to some great articles I found interesting from a few of this weeks carnivals. Enjoy! First, from The 87th Carnival of Personal Finance: More Questions That Will Prevent Impulse Spending from Penny Pinching. The Miles We Have Traveled And The Money We Have Spent by Money,Matter and More Musings. […]

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