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Attack Of The Killer Carnivals – Save For Your Life!

Dorky, yes. But it still made me laugh, so tough. Anyways, seems that today was a big Carnival day with the 74th Carnival of Debt Reduction going up over at Blogging Away Debt, and the 87th Carnival of Personal Finance making a showing over at 2million – My Journey to Financial Freedom. My post “Living […]


Available – Single guy, no money, $50,000 in debt, but pretends to be well off. Takers?

We here in personal finance blog land like to talk about saving our money, getting out of debt, buying a house, putting away a little something for retirement, etc. Every once in a while you see a story about a person living high on the hog but not having any money. This one that I […]


Received Student Loan Check Today, What Should We Do With It?

Today we received my wife’s last student loan check for her education; she finally finishes school in May. Hooray! It is for quite a bit more than the tuition, leaving us with a few thousand bucks to “play” with. My thoughts on this are as follows: Since the loan does not start accruing interest until […]


Favorite posts about money, insurance, customer service, debt and saving from 2006.

Well, it finally happened….2006 has ended and it’s time to begin again. Just as a recap for the beginning of the New Year, I looked back through my archives to when I began and picked out a few of my favorite posts for those of you who are just starting to read this site now […]


Overpriced Crap o’ The Day – A Pen for $3,360.

Yep. A pen. You know, the ones that write. With ink and stuff. They do the same thing that pens you find on the street or in your office do, except these pens cost $3,360. Each. Not for a pack of 10,000, but each. If you seriously have enough money to start buying $3,360 pens, […]

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