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What Is Your Debt Philosophy?

While I am not a fan of carrying consumer credit card debt (yes, there are some people who don’t mind), there are three kinds of debt I don’t necessarily have a problem with. Going into debt to pay for a home, for an education, and even for a needed car are the only three times […]


Carrying Consumer Debt Is The American Way.

In case no one noticed, there is a continually growing debt problem here in this country, especially with the economy the way it is. Americans are putting themselves further into a hole that while it seemed shallow at first, continues to get deeper and deeper the longer unpaid debt racks up interest. There is approximately […]


Do It Yourself Debt Reduction.

Debt consolidation loans, debt settlements, debt management programs ““ as an increasing number of people find themselves trying to climb over a mountain of debt, the number of companies offering various types of assistance increase. Before you join one of these programs however, you should try to reduce your debt on your own and avoid […]


Is It A Good Or Bad Thing That So Many Companies Are Going Out Of Business?

What exactly will 2009 bring us in terms of businesses closing down for good? Estimates are that hundreds of large, name brand businesses will go under in 2009 due to the economy – which while sad for the workers is not necessarily a bad thing. We have consumed ourselves right into this mess, and with […]


Reader Question – Keep Emergency Fund Or Pay Off 0% Balance Transfer Credit Card?

I received a question from reader Diane the other day as follows: “My husband and I have a $5,000 balance on a credit card that is at 0% interest for another 8 months which we have been paying down slowly. However, carrying debt in this economy has us scared, so we are thinking of emptying […]

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