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Taking the Consumer Out of Consumerism.

With all the bleak news reported daily and seemingly updated by the hour, it is impossible to not be aware of the panic surrounding the economy and where it is headed. The downturn in the economy does not just affect the United States or the wealthy; it affects everyone across the globe. While you can’t […]


Balancing Good Vs. Bad Debt In This Economy.

Every headline you read about personal finance right now says to get out of debt. With the economy crashing, the last thing you want to carry with you is debt, right? Well, yes and no – you do want to get rid of any credit card debt, for sure. But what about your mortgage, car, […]


You Cannot Buy Your Way To Happiness, No Matter What You Think.

Americans are pretty depressed people. We are the most medicated and most in debt of all first world countries. We take prescriptions for ailments we make up, we are gaining weight and contracting fatal diseases at an alarming rate, we buy new cars and TV’s at the rate that some people in poor countries go […]


Will There Be A Second Stimulus Check? I Hope Not.

Man, do I hope not. The first stimulus check cost us $168 billion dollars, and that was before we had this meltdown in the financial markets which has cost us not only $700 billion of our tax dollars, but also trillions of losses in the stock market. They tried for another one a few months […]


‘Keeping Up Appearances’ Is A Bunch Of Bullsh*t.

I just finished reading an article over at CNN titled “Keeping up appearances in the credit crunch“. Are you kidding me? Seriously? This is what is wrong with this country and at least partially to blame for the situation we have found ourselves in. And some writer at CNN decides that now is a good […]

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