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The Debt Trap – An Interactive Experience.

Thought you guys might want to check this out. Don’t have time to discuss it much (headed to the doctor), but basically the New York Times is taking an in-depth look at debt: what causes it, who is affected the most, why we dig ourselves into debt, and who exactly is to blame. It’s a […]


Fighting Debt – From Small Steps to the Big Picture.

Some people talk about “˜climbing out of debt’ like it’s a pit, while others say they’re “˜buried under a mountain of debt’. Either way, the top can seem a long way off when you’re right down at the bottom, peering up at the promise of a debt-free future. Perhaps the most off-putting thing about our […]


Ten Quick Easy Ways To Reduce Your Debt.

I get emails all the time from readers asking on quick tips on getting out of debt, so I figured I would put together a list of a few things I can recommend. However, keep in mind that while getting into debt is very easy, getting out of it is not. It takes work and […]


Money Mistake Monday – The Affordable Monthly Payments Syndrome.

Have you ever had insomnia and stopped by QVC late and night and thought to yourself “I can afford 5 payments of $9.99, no problem!” while not noticing that the full price of what you are thinking of buying is actually $50? Yea, me too. At least I used to, but I have gotten myself […]


My Thoughts On The $100 Billion Dollar Fiscal Stimulus Package.

I think it’s a load of crap – I won’t hold anything back here. G.W.’s (and now the Democrats as well) brilliant plan to give out around $100 billion dollars to “stimulate the economy” will do nothing of the sort. There are of course the people that will view it as a gift from the […]

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