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Money Mistake Monday – Christmas Credit Card Pile On Edition.

photo from stock.xchng In today’s installment I am going to talk about….ah forget it, it’s Christmas Eve! The only money mistake people are thinking about now is waking up on Wednesday to find themselves buried in debt. The key is how you deal with it! I was in Target the other night and I saw […]


Presenting The 106th Carnival Of Debt Reduction.

Come one come all to the 106th Edition of the Carnival of Debt Reduction. My name is My Two Dollars and I will be your ringmaster for today’s visit. But before you head out to the tents or to leave for the day, won’t you consider subscribing to my own personal dialog by either RSS […]


The Start Digging Out Of Credit Card Debt Challenge – Week Six.

So, it has been about a month since the last time I posted an article for the challenge. How’s it going? Have you had any success in lowering your credit card interest rates? Any luck setting up bi-monthly payments? Everything going according to plan? Let me know any concerns you may have… But while I […]


Guest Post – How The “Digging Out Of Credit Card Debt Challenge” Improved My Outlook On Life.

Today’s guest post is from I’ve Paid for This Twice Already. I’m paidtwice, and I blog at I’ve Paid for This Twice Already… about our family’s struggles and triumphs with eliminating our debt. On July 16, David started his series right here at My Two Dollars called “The Start Digging out of Credit Card Debt […]


Some Interesting Facts About Credit Card Debt In The United States.

This month’s Mother Jones magazine has some…um…interesting facts about credit card and debt here in the United States. We all know that debt is piling up faster and faster in our society, but did you know that: In 1970 only 51% of people had credit cards and today 93% do…and they hold an average of […]

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