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Personal Growth Carnival – “That’s A Lot Of Growth” Edition!

That title just sounds plain wrong, don’t you think? Oh well. The Personal Growth Carnival went up yesterday over at Bryan C. Fleming and my post “There Will Be No Flashing Green Light, OK?” was included. Some of my favorites from the Carnival include: Getting Green tells you how to win people over to your […]


The Start Digging Out Of Credit Card Debt Challenge – Week Four.

Photo from stock.xchng Hello again debt eliminators….how’s it going? I got a bunch of emails after last week’s post both thanking me for putting this list together and asking a few questions. Since last week, you were supposed to start setting up a bi-monthly payment plan on the credit card with the lowest balance while […]


Personal Finance Readers Speak Out And Would Take The $25,000.

The other day I asked a hypothetical question to the readers…”Would You Take $25,000 Or A New Car?“. And without a single naysayer, every single person that either commented or emailed said that they would take the $25,000. Yes! That was what I was hoping would be the answer and I am glad to see […]


The Start Digging Out Of Credit Card Debt Challenge – Week Three.

Photo from stock.xchng So last week you were supposed to leave your comfort zone and start calling the credit card companies. I got several emails from readers saying that they did it and got reductions on their interest rates…did you? They were talking about being nervous, scared, shaky…but after it was over and they knew […]


The Start Digging Out Of Credit Card Debt Challenge – Week Two.

Last week your homework was a very simple task; gather up all your cards, write down the name, balance, interest rate and credit limit of each card. I am guessing you were able to complete this task in an hour or so, but I gave you all week because that is how slow we are […]

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