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Where to Sell Your Used College Textbooks Online For Cash – 10 Best Places & Sites

I hate to really age myself, but when I was in college we only had one place to try to sell our textbooks – the same exact store we bought it from in the first place. And that store, of course, was the school bookstore. Yes, I was in college before the internet was as […]


Our Spending Habits and Priorities Are Totally Screwed Up

A while back, I had an unplanned conversation with an old friend about the expense of sending kids to school. Not having children myself, I don’t have first-hand experience with the costs involved, but I am smart enough to know that it costs a lot to raise a child. In fact, that’s the number one […]


Cook Up A Plan For The Future In Three Easy Steps.

The following is a post from the guys over at PocketSmith, who developed a web-based calendar that forecasts your future cash position and who also invest 5% of subscriptions in micro-lending to entrepreneurs from poverty-stricken countries. Create a simple and delicious financial plan for the coming 6 months, filled with good decisions and a satisfying […]


How To Get A Free Education Online.

Well, I guess it depends on if you are interested in any of the classes offered, but right now there are thousands of classes and lectures available for free on the internet. And while they might not result in your receipt of a diploma, free online courses help to break down the barriers for some […]


Shoppers Putting Back To School Supplies On Layaway.

Well, I didn’t really see this one coming, but times are strange right now. Earlier this month I wrote about making your own layaway plan, but I figured that was for bigger expenses than pencils and paper. But it turns out that times are tougher than some might even be letting on, and families are […]

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