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Carbon Monoxide Detector – A $30 Investment to Save Your Life

A few weeks ago I was reading an older article about a family killed in their sleep by carbon monoxide poisoning. Just like that, a family was wiped out overnight because of a silent killer in their home, one that could be present in any of our homes at any given moment. Without a carbon […]


10 Ways For How to Save Money on Utility Bills

As I mentioned in a recent post I have moved back to California for at least a little while. Not sure how long, but will be here at least until the end of the lease on this house. That being said, renting a house to live in here in California costs a lot more than […]


How to Make Money Recycling Paper, Plastic, Cans & Scrap Metal

Looking for a little extra income? Willing to put in quite a lot of work for a potentially small payday? Start recycling items for cash. While the most common (and most-well known) way to recycle for money is by turning in aluminum beer and soda cans or plastic water bottles, there are actually a bunch […]


8 Green Cleaning Tips To Save Money & The Planet.

Next time you visit a grocery store, take a look at just how many different cleaning products are on the shelves. It seems these days there’s a different chemical concoction for every household chore, from cleaning the windows to the oven. The average household probably has an entire cupboard full of sprays and bottles perceived […]


13 Ways To Save Money And Go Green.

We all read about ways that an individual can help the environment; buying carbon offsets, purchasing a hybrid car, driving less, recycling cans and bottles, etc.. But there are many more ways that little changes in your every day life can affect the big picture if more of us started doing them. I am going […]

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