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How I Balance My Love Of Gadgets Between My Concern For The Environment And My Wallet.

Each day in the U.S. alone, approximately 400,000 cell phones are discarded…thats about 146 million per year. Each one of these cell phones contain trace amounts of lead, mercury, and beryllium, to name a few toxic chemicals. Add to those numbers the amount of televisions, radios, home phones, computers, etc. that also get thrown out, […]


Pondering – To Buy Land And Build Or Buy A House.

Ahhh decisions, decisions. Here we are, 2 weeks after getting back from our vacation, pondering quite deeply a move to Taos, New Mexico. We cannot seem to get it out of our heads! The scenery is beautiful, the air is clean, the people are great, and the real estate is reasonable. Oh, and there is […]


Save Money Without Doing Anything. Seriously.

This actually is about something you can buy that will save you money the first day you start using it and you never have to worry about it again. It could possibly cut your electric bill by quite a bit of money while at the same time help curb global warming. What could it possibly […]


Cut Your Electric Bill To Zero – A Saturday Must Read.

I just finished reading a great post this morning at The Simple Dollar that is all about installing a wind turbine to cover your electricity needs. The Simple Dollar covers what wind turbines do, the estimated costs for installation, how much wind you probably need in order for it to be effective, and how much […]


Experience Of My First Day Without A Car.

So, as mentioned in multiple posts in the past, we were contemplating getting rid of one of our cars because I work from home and barely ever need a car to get around. Well, today is Day #1 of me not having a car at all, and so far so good. (Yea, I know, it’s […]

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