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Free Estate Planning & Retirement Resources.

No matter what stage in life you are at, you should be planning for something. Between insurance needs, a will, retirement planning, etc., we can all use a little help getting organized. Lucky for you, my trusty TRowePrice newsletter gave out some links to some free advice, and I am more than happy to pass […]


Why You Need An Estate Plan And How To Set One Up.

This is a guest post from Jonathan over at Master Your Card, where he discusses making your credit card work for you rather than them. Be sure to check out his site! Why do you need an estate plan? If you were to keel over dead right now, how would your assets get allocated? Who […]


Putting Together My ‘What If…’ Emergency Information.

OK, so I had a basic “what if” book put together for my wife/family if something were to happen to me, but after reading the book “Family CFO” that I talked about last week, I have begun putting together a comprehensive emergency packet…just in case. I will be making three copies of this information as […]


And The Winner Of The eFinPLAN Online Financial Planning Software Is…

Last week I started a contest for subscribers of My Two Dollars to win a 1-year subscription to eFinPLAN online financial planning software (a $98 value). eFinPLAN is web-based, so there are no lengthy software downloads, and it can be accessed from any computer. The online questionnaire is easy-to-use and follow. All you have to […]


Giveaway: $98 eFinPLAN Online Financial Planning Software.

Starting today, I will be giving away 1-year subscription to eFinPLAN online financial planning software (a $98 value). Entries will be accepted up until June 24th at 11:59PM PST. How do you enter, you ask? Make sure you are subscribed to the RSS feed or by Email so you can get the secret code you […]

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