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Sunday Money Roundup – Move Your Money Edition.

Have you heard about the Move Your Money campaign yet? Thousands of people have pledged to move their money away from the casino-style Too Big To Fail banks and give their money to community banks and credit unions. I moved all my money away from Bank of America into Schwab – which while not a […]


Sunday Money Roundup – AT&T Sent Me $2 Edition.

On Friday, I opened an envelope from AT&T, figuring it was some change in my terms and conditions. However, I was pleasantly surprised that it was a single piece of paper with two $1 bills inside it. They wanted to thank me for taking some survey I took a while ago, and thus the $2. […]


Sunday Money Roundup – Sell An Old iPhone Edition.

This past week I sold my original 2G iPhone for over $200 – more than I paid for it years ago. Score! Seems these “no longer under contract” phones are worth some serious cash. I used it on AT&T for years until I got a 3GS model, and then a friend used it on T-Mobile […]


Sunday Money Roundup – Nordstrom Rack Edition.

For Christmas, I received a sizable gift card to Nordstroms. Mind you, I have never shopped there or really ever been in one, but I was thrilled to be given some money to be spent on clothing, which I rarely buy for myself. So one day I grabbed my gift card and headed to the […]


Sunday Money Roundup – Please Donate Edition.

If you haven’t already, PLEASE give at least a few bucks to the Haiti relief efforts. We all have it way better than they do on a daily basis, never mind when an earthquake hits. Please do the right thing and give a couple of bucks – it means a lot more to them than […]

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