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Sunday Money Roundup – Food, Inc. Edition.

If you guys haven’t seen the film Food, Inc. yet, please do yourself and your family a favor and check it out. It will change your behavior and attitude towards food within the first 15 minutes. It has changed me forever. (steps off soapbox) And now, check out some great articles I read this past […]


Sunday Money Roundup: Prepping For Another Cross Country Drive Edition.

Well, it’s the holidays and that means it’s time to travel. When you live 2000 miles away from everyone else in your family, guess what? You have to go to them as they all won’t be coming to you. And because I was planning on bringing my sick cat back east with me in the […]


Sunday Money Roundup: Getting Settled In.

I love my new apartment and while I am still unpacking everything, I already feel right at home. It feels good to have made the right decision at this point in my life, and I look forward to discovering all that Denver has to offer. So while I finish going through all my “stuff”, check […]


Sunday Money Roundup – 3 More Weeks Edition.

Only 20 more days until I move! I have packed everything I can pack in advance, and am now just waiting to do the rest when the date gets closer. Very excited to move to my new city and looking forward to discovering all that it has to offer. (ps – If you are a […]


Sunday Money Roundup – It’s Packing Time Again Edition.

For reasons that I will write about in an upcoming post, I am packing up to move…again. This will be the 3rd move in the last 1.5 years and I am not looking forward to it. I will, of course, hire some guys to do the heavy lifting for me, but I despise the whole […]

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