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Sunday Money Roundup – Colorado Rockies Edition.

And by Colorado Rockies, I mean the baseball team, not the mountain range. While living in New Mexico is/has been fun, there is one thing I truly miss – and that’s professional sports. See, NM doesn’t have a SINGLE professional sports team, and I have never lived somewhere where I couldn’t get a ticket to […]


Sunday Money Roundup – Woodsmoke & Coffee Edition.

As I was assembling this post this morning, I was sitting on my couch watching the sun rise, smelling the smoke from all the wood being burnt overnight, and enjoying a cup of organic french press coffee. It was perfect. Sometimes, even though our lives don’t allow us to experience them, it really is the […]


Sunday Money Roundup – Winter Is Getting Close Edition.

I get up around 6am every morning, feed the cat, make the coffee, and then sit outside for a few minutes with said coffee to enjoy the quiet. However, while only 2 weeks ago I could go out in a short sleeve shirt, I now need to put on a sweatshirt as it has been […]


Sunday Money Roundup – Long, Long Weekend Edition.

While every weekend could be a long weekend for me if I so wanted them to be (ah, self-employment), this one is special because I have friends coming into town to celebrate Labor Day. Hope you guys all have something nice planned for this 3 day weekend! I just want to start off this week’s […]


Sunday Money Roundup – L.A. Friend In Town Edition.

It’s always great when people come visit you, isn’t it? This weekend I am hosting a good friend from Los Angeles – can’t wait to see what he thinks of New Mexico! On to the roundup… Thanks to Budgets are Sexy for hosting this weeks Carnival of Personal Finance, where my article “Cut Spending By […]

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