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Sunday Money Roundup – ‘I Love You, Man’ Edition.

Friday night I watched the movie I Love You, Man for the second time when it arrived in the mail from Netflix. I really enjoyed it in the theatre, and I REALLY enjoyed it at home where I could laugh as loud as I wanted to. If you haven’t seen it, I do recommend you […]


Sunday Money Roundup – Kid Proof The House Edition.

I only have a minute – I gotta go and put everything I value above the 5 foot level! As I write this on Friday, I have friends coming into town for the weekend with two small children, which should be an adventure. So while I walk around trying to figure out whats dangerous for […]


Sunday Money Roundup – Weeds, Weeds, Weeds Edition.

Yesterday, I spent 6 hours doing yard work at my house. The ragweed had taken over my lawn while I was on vacation, so I came back to what looked like a patch of rainforest in South America – and it took me that long to try to pull all of it out and ready […]


Sunday Money Roundup – Taking A Short Break Edition.

Hope you all had a great 4th of July! Just wanted to let everyone know that I am going on a road trip back east for a few weeks to see some family, some old friends, and to just take some time off from working. I will still be publishing some articles while I am […]


Sunday Money Roundup – Friends In Town Edition.

This weekend I am getting some visitors – a friend from high school (and his girlfriend) who I have not seen for about 6-7 years. They are passing through New Mexico on their way to their new home in Los Angeles and are stopping by for a night (should I charge them a room fee?); […]

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