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Sunday Money Roundup – Catching Pneumonia Edition.

OK, what’s with the weather? 70 degrees one day, snow the next, hail the day after that, and then back to 70 degrees. In my 37 years on this planet, this is some of the weirdest stuff I have ever seen. Whether you think climate change is real or not, this is pretty bizarre stuff! […]


From The Archives – March.

For those readers who have recently come on board to My Two Dollars or for those of you who may have missed a few of these, here are some articles you may have missed from the last couple of March’s. With over 1,300 posts, even I forget about some of them. Enjoy! From March 2008: […]


Sunday Money Roundup – Spring Is Here Edition.

However, it sure doesn’t feel like it. The thunderstorms are a nice touch, but the snow and hail are a bit much for Spring, don’t you think? The cat has been enjoying the yard, I started doing some planting, and I even changed out the screens in the windows – all to see snow return. […]


Sunday Money Roundup – The Snow Is Back Edition.

OK, so after a few weeks of 50-60 degree temps, now we have a ton of snow on the ground. Guess winter was not really done with us yet after all! Thankfully I figured out how to get the top back on the Jeep (although I remember now how much of a pain in the […]


Sunday Money Roundup – Top Off The Jeep Edition.

It is so warm right now here where I live that I actually took the top off the Jeep for the first time. When it’s the beginning of March and it is 65 degrees outside, you just have to take advantage of the situation! It was fun to drive around without the top on and […]

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