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How To Frugally Decorate Your House On A Very Tight Budget.

Although I don’t really care too much about having designer this or fashionable that in my house, we do like to live comfortably within our means, and we are not above buying used furniture to accommodate our lifestyle! Over the years we have bought used tables and lamps at consignment shops and garage sales, saving […]


25 Frugal Ways To Reuse Everyday Household Items.

As many of you know, I also run a blog about the environment and sustainability. And while I rarely cross-promote articles, I decided that this post (originally on the other site back in June) could probably come in handy over here, with the economy the way it is and the growing concern about the environment. […]


The Best Times To Haggle On Price.

Smart Money has an interesting piece about haggling on prices, and here are the things they say you should always try to get the best deal by negotiating: Medical Bills – This one usually works. Retail Stores – This one has never worked for me. Anyone actually haggled at a Best Buy or something? Cars […]


Getting Ready For Christmas Already?

Oh my! Going through my RSS reader this morning, I just read a post over at Being Frugal called “Tightwad Tuesday: Christmas in July“. Seems I should start my shopping now in order to save money on Christmas presents. Go check out Lynnae’s post to see how you can save money by starting now! Christmas. […]


Friends Encourage Friends To Be Frugal.

Photo by freeparking You know that expression “Friends Don’t Let Friends Drive Drunk”? Of course you do, but if you think about it, the same general principle applies for many other things in life – we all want to stop our friends from doing stupid things. Luckily, I have many good friends throughout the personal […]

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