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What Sucks The Budget Of Working People.

The following is a guest post from The Shark Investor You don’t need to be frugal at home. Taking short showers and putting energy saving lights is admirable, but it doesn’t have big impact on your financial balance. The flaws of your daily budget are elsewhere – in your office and on the way to […]


29 Free Or Low Cost Ways To Save Energy & Money.

With everyone’s energy costs rising so rapidly and our economy in question at least for another couple of years, we are all starting to look for easy ways to cut energy use and save money, for little to no cost. And here is where this list, and you, the reader, come in…here are my 29 […]


They Say It’s Your Birthday…And Some Free Magazines.

In honor of my birthday, I will be spending the rest of the day at the beach reading a book . But in my absence, which I am sure you won’t mind, check out the My Two Dollars free magazine subscription page. While most of the magazines are free and only a few are paid […]


A Full Year Of Phone Service, Including Long Distance, For $19.99?

Yesterday I was reading a post asking for advice about less expensive home phone service, especially for cheaper long-distance options. I left a comment telling him to check with his phone company to see if there is a bare-bones plan available (so he can keep his dial tone for 911 and his DSL line) and […]


Download The Newest Nine Inch Nail Album For Free.

If you are or if you want to see if you still are a fan of Nine Inch Nails, just click here and enter an email address – they will send you a “token” to allow you to download the entire new album free of charge. I don’t know if anyone who reads My Two […]

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