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Ultimate Frugality – Furnishing Your Entire House From Ebay.

If this is not a testament to saving money and being frugal, I don’t know what is…other than doing garage sales every weekend for years. A British couple has done the seemingly impossible: they furnished their entire new cottage from finds on Ebay. They estimate that they spent $14,000 on furniture and accessories, saving them $86,000 compared to what they think they would have spent on new stuff. For this family it was not all about frugality but rather convenience; however, I am sure they don’t mind saving that amount of cash.


The Best Free Time Waster Yet – Google Flight Simulator.

Do you use Google Earth? If you don’t, you need to. If you do, did you know that there is a flight simulator built into the latest version? Me neither. I am actually taking time out from flying around Boston and the Cape in order to jot down this entry:


It works on both Mac and PC and although a little difficult to control at first, now I have gotten used to it. If you have not used it before, you won’t see any mention of it anywhere because it is actually a hidden feature. To open the flight simulator, make sure sure you have the latest version of Google Earth and:


More Free Dunkin Donuts Samples.

*Note- their site seems to be rather screwed up as many people are having trouble accessing it. Proceed at your own risk!

The last time I posted this offer, it expired the next day. So if you want to get a free Dunkin Donuts coffee sampler delivered to your house, you might want to do it asap.

Free Dunkin Donuts Sample


Is She A Thief? My Grandmother Takes Ketchup And Cream From Restaurants.


Perusing all the articles I missed this week around the personal finance world, I came across this one over at Silicone Vally Blogger that reminded me of something. (And just pointed out that the original discussion about this was over at Money, Matter and More Musings…thanks SVB!) When I was visiting my grandmother earlier this week, we were discussing eating out at restaurants and she mentioned how she always takes the little coffee creamers and ketchup packets whenever she can get them. I asked her why she takes them if she doesn’t really need them and she said “just in case”. Mind you, this is a woman who by no means needs to take these things…she has plenty of money, lives on her own, drives her own car and takes care of herself just fine, thank you. She does not need to steal anything to get by. She just likes taking them for their convenience. Does it have something to do with going through the Depression? Who knows…all I know is that there are creamers and ketchup packs in her kitchen from restaurants all across town.


More Free* Senseo Single Serve Coffee Makers.


Seems that since I have one, Senseo deemed it necessary to ask me to spread around a link for more free single serve coffee makers, so here goes. This is what you get for a $15 shipping fee:

Senseo® Single Serve Coffee Pod System
Bag of Senseo® gourmet coffee pods
5 $20-off Senseo® coffee machine cards to share with friends and family

We have one (as does my wife’s office at school) and we use it all the time as it’s much cheaper than going up to the coffee shop if you just want one cup. Anyways, it is for real and they do send it to you, and no, I don’t get a cut of anything. Just letting you in on a freebie!

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