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Festival of Frugality #73 – 31 Ways To Be More Frugal.


Money Smart Life was lucky enough to be the host of this weeks Festival of Frugality. Among the 31 submissions, my article about creative ways to save money on preschool was included. The layout this week makes it real easy to scan through the articles and pick the ones that stand out for you, I really enjoyed it. Some of my other favorites from the list this week include:

  • Blunt Money has some tips on being frugal while shopping at Costco.
  • Lazy Man & Money has an interesting post about the New England Patriots and money. Being a Pats fan, I liked this analogy.
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    Saturday Morning Freebies – Wake Up It’s Late!

    And don’t say I never gave you nothin….

    Free Sample of Dove Body Lotion from Costco (must have Costco membership)

    Free sample of John Frieda Shampoo (from Walmart, and as much as I don’t like them, I will take free stuff from them!)


    Festival Of Frugality #72 Is Calling May Day.

    This weeks Festival of Frugality, number 72 to be exact, was posted at Frugal For Life yesterday…which was May Day. My post “Switched To VOIP And Ditched Our Phone Company, Saved $500” was included, along with a bunch of other great posts about being frugal. Some personal highlights:

    Frugal Babe says Congratulations To All Of Us…and means it. Incredible post and wise words.

    My Money and My Life wants you to think about everything you have as if it is the last one you will ever have…how would you treat it then?


    Freebie Of The Day – Aquafresh Toothpaste.

    Saving money has never been so cheap. You can get a free sample of Aquafresh’s “Extreme Clean” toothpaste just by giving them your name and email address. Make sure you have an email address you don’t give out, so your regular inbox won’t fill up with spam. I use a free Yahoo account specifically for free or cheap samples I find on the internet.

    Getting free toothpaste samples a few times a year might save you from ever buying it again!


    BofA Cards Give You Free Admission To Museums During May.

    If you happen to have a Bank of America credit or debit card, they are offering free admission to over 85 museums in May. I just looked at the area around where I live and there are 6 listed that we can go to for free. Pretty cool…just thought I would mention it. The promotion is good for 2 people, so make a date of it and don’t tell the date it was free 🙂

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