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Festival of Frugailty #62 Is Playing Ball.

Lazy Man & Money put up a great baseball themed Festival of Frugality this week; be sure to go check out all the frugal info!

My post “Why We Save Our Money” was included in the festival as well. Now I gotta go finish reading them all!


Living Below Your Means – What It Really Means To Me

We often hear the expression to live below ones means. But what does it really mean? And who does it apply to? I was giving this some thought yesterday and this is what I came up with as my interpretation:


Festival of Frugality #60 – Pictures Are Worth A Thousand Words Edition

If you have not already, you might want to head on over to Frugal For Life, where the 60th Festival of Frugality was put up this morning by Dawn. Be ready for a new experience this time, it is not like any other festival you have seen!

Thanks to Dawn for including my post about using Book Burro when buying books online.


Festival of Frugality #59 is EXTREMELY Frugal.

No, I don’t know what that means. It just came out of my fingers and onto the screen. Anyways, the Festival of Frugality #59 is up over at Money, Matter & More Musings and it is ready for your reading pleasure. Some highlights:

The Digerati Life explains 14 ways to stop binge spending with a look at some of the triggers that encourage you to empty your wallet.

My Financial Journey trades in the BMW and picks up a 1990 Ford Escort for $900. Now THAT is being frugal!


Making The Financial Sacrifice To Get What You Want.

Last year, my wife and I decided we needed a change.

We decided that since we were living in Southern California, and we did not know how long we were going to be here, we really needed to live by the water. You know, the REAL California. Where we were living before, while it was still in Los Angeles, might as well have been in Ohio; it was like any other suburb. (No offense to Ohio of course..) However, this was going to take some sacrifices and changes in the way we handled/spent our money and our finances. When we started looking for a new place, most apartments were about $1000 more per month than we were spending and that was a scary prospect. But with some number crunching, we found some ways to save and scrimp our way to being able to live at the beach. At first I didn’t really think it was possible; I mean we came close to matching our income every month in the cheap apartment, so where would I come up with the extra $1,000 we would need to move? These are the financial sacrifices and money savers that I can remember that we did in order to make it happen.

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