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Going To Start Hauling My Own Trash To The Landfill To Save Money.

*Update – I talked to the people at the landfill, and the price is actually $.35 for every 20 pounds of trash you bring in. That would be way less than $5 a month for us, which makes it even more of a deal. When we first moved into this new house, I automatically signed up for trash pickup because, well…it’s what you do here. At least that is what I thought, until I was having a conversation with a local about the landfill allowing people to haul their own trash for $5 instead of paying Waste Management to do it for them. I guess I can see the draw of having a truck come around and pick up your trash for you, but we put out about 1 bag of trash a week, and realistically that truck would not have to stop at my house but once a month to get it all. However, because he comes by my driveway every Monday morning, I always put the bin out with a single bag of trash in it. Seems kind of dumb, but what seems even dumber is that I pay $27 a month for this service and I could have been doing it myself all this time for only $5 a month.


Nature Provides Very Cheap Weekend Entertainment.

During this weekend, I spent nearly all my daytime hours in the outdoors. Saturday, I took the Jeep for a long ride through a canyon, a forest, a flat mesa and over a stream or two. I brought some food, some water, my chair and my camera and had an incredibly enjoyable day siteseeing all sorts of places I had not gone to since we moved here. I watched hawks flying overhead and diving down to pick up rabbits, I saw fishermen angling for trout swimming in a deep river by the side of the road, and I sat out in my camping chair with a good book at an overlook checking out the entire valley below. The sun was shining, the breeze was blowing, trees and ground shrub were slowly getting back their green, and I was truly entertained and relaxed. Total cost of my Saturday? $9 for gasoline.


5 Inexpensive Ways To Have A Great Valentine’s Day.

This post was originally from last year, but hey – recycling is the “in” thing right now. Besides, they all still work!


More Free Magazine Subscriptions.

If you haven’t checked out the My Two Dollars Free Magazines page lately, you might be missing out on free subscriptions to your favorites. Why pay for a magazine you want when you might be able to get it for free? I just took a look at what they had, and I might be picking up a few for myself. But remember – don’t just get one because it’s free, get it because you actually want it. Unwanted free stuff just makes more clutter and waste!


Thrift Store Frugality – $300 Jacket From The North Face For $49.

Remember the other day when I mentioned that if you don’t need something, it’s not a bargain at all? Well, I have needed a new winter coat for, oh, months now – but I was not willing to spend a fortune on one, so I have gone without. I have lived in Virginia and then in Los Angeles since I left college, so I have managed to avoid the coldness of a full winter season. Sure, I go back east and visit family from time to time, and I had a dressy winter coat I could wear then. But now that I live somewhere where it snows for a few months and I have to spend some time out in the wet, I really needed a warm, waterproof coat. I had been looking at my favorite store Patagonia for a coat made from recycled materials (like these fleeces that I love) that is also fully recyclable, but I could not justify the $300+ it would have cost to buy one. I have become rather frugal about new clothes as of late, as I work from home by myself and where I live a dress-up dinner consists of jeans and a sweater without holes. And it’s not like I am a professional skier or snow-man maker, nor do I care to frolic in the snow for hours. However, I did need a coat and had been looking for something affordable and well-built for about a month. And yesterday, I found it:

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