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With Winter Coming And Money Tight, Consider Sharing Tools This Year.

So, the snow storms are about to start but your snow blower has decided that last winter was more than enough – and gave up. No matter what, the thing is broken and ready for the recycling bin. What to do? You can always head out to Home Depot or some other store and pluck down a minimum of a few hundred bucks for a new one…or you could start talking to your neighbors to see if any of them are in the same situation right now. What if you could go in on half of a snow blower with a trusted friend and neighbor? Wouldn’t that make a lot of sense seeing as how this $500 machine only gets used a few months out of the year and even then, not that often? Why not share the expense and maintenance!


Spending MyPoints Points On A New Digital Camera.

So, I finally traded in some of my 18,000 points I had saved up over at MyPoints. I traded them in for gift certificates to so that we could replace our broken digital camera! And while I have a digital SLR camera (Canon Digital Rebel XT) for when I go “picture hunting”, we always took our small pocket-sized one with us wherever we went – until it broke a few months ago. Now we either have to lug the big camera around with us or go without. And with Christmas and our train trip to Boston coming up, we knew we had to get a new small digital camera…and what a perfect use for all those MyPoints I couldn’t decide what to do with!


Save 80% On Gift Certificates – Now Just $2.

Sorry, this offer ended. But I will be sure to let everyone know when the new ones come out. In the meantime, you can still order regular gift certificates from the site.


Small Changes For Big Savings On Groceries.

The price of gas may be dramatically lower now than it was all summer, but savvy shoppers will recognize that it’s settled at a level that’s still higher than before the recent upward trend began, and even if it is cheaper than it was last month, other necessities are increasing in cost. A recent study of the insurance industry noted that even cheap auto insurance rates had increased in July, and were likely to do so again by the end of the year, and more than one newspaper around the country has reported that we may be nearing the end of the United States as the land of inexpensive food.


AT&T Next To Set Cap On Internet Traffic.

I wrote before about Comcast started doing it in several places, that is limiting the amount of data you can send and receive over the internet. Now AT&T looks like they might be next in line to start capping data, as they have started a test in Reno, NV that caps traffic at 20 GB to 150 GB per month, depending on the plan that you pay for. If you go over the limit, you get a one month grace period. But if you continue to go over, you will be charged $1 for every GB that you use.

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