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Overview Of The Health Care Reform Bill.

Personally, I am happy that something was finally done about health care in this country. It’s about time we start doing something for people rather than corporations, no? While it’s not perfect, it’s a start – and I will take what I can at this point. As someone who does not have, and cannot get […]


Could You Buy Life Insurance For Those You Love…With You As The Beneficiary?

Is that even legal? Ethical? Moral? I mean, the person you would be buying the life insurance for would know you were doing it, so what would be wrong with it? I imagine it would take some heavy lifting mathematically to figure out your investment in the policy and your payout should the person die […]


Smart Choices And Savings When Considering Life Insurance.

Guest post by Charan Singh Every month almost one million Americans consider and purchase a new life insurance policy. In today’s economic environment, when consumers are often looking to reduce costs, what are the most affordable ways to protect a family? Life insurance is the foundation of a smart financial plan, particularly when there are […]


31 More Days To Use Up Your Health Benefits For The Year.

If you pay for health insurance, this last month of the year is the time to make sure you use up any benefits you have left and/or any money still in your Flexible Spending Account. After all, you pay for the insurance so why not use as much of it as you can? While I […]


Looks Like Progressive Insurance Is Cheapest…

…for my car in Colorado, at least. I have had State Farm car and renter’s insurance here in New Mexico, and while they have been fine I do think that they are a little on the expensive side for Colorado. The best insurance company I have ever had the pleasure of doing business with was […]

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