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Medical Bill Went To Collections Even Though I Never Received it.

Anyone who has been reading My Two Dollars for the past 6-7 months or so has probably read about the medical issues I had going on and the post I wrote about how many bills I was getting from various doctors and hospitals. Luckily, it looks like I am in the clear from what they […]


Have A Home Inventory Ready In Case Of Emergency.

Each and every single person out there should have some sort of home inventory written down and stored somewhere outside of their house. Wouldn’t do you much good in your house if your house burned down, would it? As well as filing an inventory report when you buy home or renter’s insurance (you do have […]


New Study Of Earthquake Probability Will Raise Insurance Rates. Who Funded The Study?

A new study about the chances of an earthquake happening here was commissioned by the California Earthquake Authority, a public agency funded by private companies. But guess what the CEA does? They set insurance rates for all of us. Guess who funds the CEA? Insurance companies. See the problem here? This study has determined that […]


Do You Or Your Loved Ones Need Insurance For Long-Term Care?

I wrote a while back about long-term care insurance for our parents, but I just came across an article in Parade Magazine asking the same question I did back then, with some helpful information for those of us starting to look into long-term insurance for our loved ones. If you or someone you know might […]


Thanks To Medical Bills, Falling Deeper Into A Hole Called Debt.

I’m going to be brutally honest here…debt F’in sucks. There, I feel better now. We worked very hard to get rid of all our debt except for our car payment, and now we are finding ourselves right back in it again, and it is all because of medical bills that keep showing up, even after […]

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