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It Looks Like I Do Not Have Cancer Or Leukemia.

I wrote a little while ago about why I was so glad I had health insurance because I was undergoing all sorts of tests for what looked like cancer or leukemia. But now that I have the CT scans and all the blood tests back, my doctor has informed me that all is well on […]


From My Experience During Last Month – Why You Need Health Insurance.

Trust me on this, if you are not carrying health insurance of any kind, you are playing a very dangerous game. Most of us go through life not thinking anything could ever happen to us; I think it is a coping mechanism of the human spirit because if we worried about everything that COULD happen […]


Reader Question – What Insurance Plan Did You Sign Up For And Why?

Last week, I got a question from one of the readers of My Two Dollars: “Can you write more about your health insurance plan and the company that you got it from and how you went about choosing it and the alternatives you considered?” I sure can Pam! When I left my job about 13 […]


Save Some Money – Make Sure You Have A High Deductible Insurance Policy.

When carrying insurance, it is always the smart thing to do to make your deductible as high as you feel comfortable with. This reduces your monthly expenditure and frees up a few bucks for paying down debt or saving. On our car insurance, we carry a $500 deductible, meaning we have to pay for the […]


When It Rains It Pours – Back To The Vet Again.

As some of you may remember, I wrote about us NOT having pet insurance back in May…and how our vet bill was almost $1,000 for our cat. (Yep, that’s him pictured to the left) Well after that whole fiasco I looked into getting pet insurance and go figure…for a cat that old you can only […]

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