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At least eight more reasons you need insurance for your home.

Living in California sure has its upsides, but one of the main downsides is the wildfires. Tonight was an example of how windy it gets here…a small brush fire by the beach spread in a few minutes to burn down at least 8 houses of this writing and damage at least 5 more since 5pm. […]


How I saved $60 per month on my car insurance.

Seeing as how I am working from home now on various projects, I was not really using my car all that much. I mean, a few miles a week to run errands and some short trips, but thats about it. So I called up my insurance company, Wawanesa (which I mentioned in my post titled […]


New Years Resolution: Start an estate plan…just in case.

For 2007, my wife and I are going to start working on an estate plan, just in case something were to happen to one or both of us. Due to a recent death in our family, we have seen the hardship that families go through when nothing is written down in terms of what to […]


Another 1GB USB drive, this time its $0.00!

Yet another USB drive to back up your important financial and insurance information and carry it with you is on sale over at for $0.00 after rebate and by using Google Checkout. If you still haven’t gotten one of these, please be sure to get one or 2, as they are great for portable […]


I have found the perfect car insurance company and it’s name is…

Yep, I have. Well, I think so anyway. I have lived in California for 11 years and I have always had the same company up until this year….I wont name names, but after someone totaled my brand new Audi and then they blamed me for it, I decided to leave. Searching searching…and I come across […]

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