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How To Prepare Financially For An Emergency.

I was reading September’s issue of Money magazine, and they had a tiny little blurb on how to “Be Ready For Anything”, and I thought I would take a moment to expand on their list and hopefully offer some of my own suggestions. On their list there were three things; Protect Your Records, Have Ready […]


A survival guide for the uninsured – MSN

Over at Money Central, they have a pretty good article up for those who are uninsured: A survival guide for the uninsured – MSN Money. Here are their tips for looking for alternative insurance: Some of the options include: COBRA: If you were covered by health insurance at work but are about to lose your […]


Another $7.95 USB2 drive to back up and carry your data.

If you haven’t gotten a USB flash drive to back up your important docs and take them with you, here is another chance. Once again, has another 2GB USB 2.0 Flash Drive for $7.95…Normally they go for $52 bucks, but with the rebate and using Google checkout to pay, it’s only $7.95. Remember, if […]


Save Money By Getting Your Own Health Insurance.

The last “real” job I had….you know, the one where I had to be there at 9 and had to stay till the end of the day, came with health insurance. Well, it didnt really come with it, but I had to pay for part of it. $100 per month, to be exact. Not bad, […]

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