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Tax Savings, Part 1 Of 4: Why You NEED To Contribute To Your 401(k).

This is a guest post from My Financial Objectives. Catch the rest of his four part series at his site! People are hesitant to start contributing to their 401(k) for many reasons; the current state of the economy, a feeling of youth, the notion that retirement is a long way off, other bills to pay, […]


How To Employ A Balanced Investment Approach.

This guest post is brought to you by The Digerati Life. When we hear of the terms “Short Term” and “Long Term” in the investing world, these terms refer to an investment period. Traditionally for tax purposes, the Short Term is defined as any investment holding time period less than one year while Long Term […]


Mirror The Trades Of Financial Professionals With kaChing.

Not sure I would ever start doing this with my own money, but just came across a post at Lifehacker about kaChing, which lets you do the exact same trades as professional investors. Looks like it is an investment website that you can join, which used to just let you follow the trades of different […]


Why I Use Scottrade For My Brokerage Account.

The other day I alluded to the fact that while my individual stock-trading days are over, I still do own quite a lot of shares in companies that need to be kept somewhere. I mentioned this in that post because a reader emailed me the other day asking where my brokerage account was, because I […]


Solid Mutual Funds With High Minimums.

Those of you who have read this site for a while have probably realized that I am mostly a “set it and forget it” type of investor. While I have a regular brokerage account at Scottrade (more about this in an upcoming post), I no longer buy individual stocks – I am an all-mutual fund […]

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