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Is Precious Metal Investing Only For Survivalists and Conspiracy Theorists?

What is your opinion? Do you think people who invest in gold or silver and other precious metals are smarter than the rest of us who invest in pieces of paper, or are they “survivalists, conspiracy theorists and flakes” as the LA Times says? They even talked to the head of financial planning firm Glowacki […]


The Depression All Over Again – Don’t Let This Be You.

In the face of losing $38,000 in the stock market, a man in Hong Kong lept off a railroad bridge – and lived. Whether you believe that you should invest more, take some time out, buy gold, or whatever your belief is in this down market, trying to commit suicide because of lost money is […]


United States Heading Towards A Financial Collapse?

I am no financial genius – let me be clear about that. But lately, when I start adding the numbers together, the future of this country’s economy is not a pretty picture. 7 of our top trading partner countries are considering dropping the U.S. dollar; the euro is at an all time high against the […]


How Much Does $20 A Week Amount To Over Time?

I know a lot of people think that they cannot afford to save money because they have too many bills or don’t make enough money every week to actually put anything aside. But for those of you in this situation, I wanted to point out how even $20 a week can add up over a […]


Book Review: The Quiet Millionaire By Brett Wilder.

A while back I was sent an advance copy of the book “The Quiet Millionaire” by Brett Wilder. Mr. Wilder is a Certified Financial Planner and President & CEO of Financial Management Group, Inc.. Get where I am going with this? Before I even get into the book, you know this guy knows his stuff […]

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