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Housing Market Gone Bonkers – This Is What I Am Dealing With.

Yes, this is close to where I live, and yes, it actually is for sale at the bargain discount price of $869,000: The 576 sq. ft. home features one bedroom, one bathroom, a one car garage and Old Glory, proudly flapping about like amber waves of grain. This is the crap we deal with here […]


Pondering – To Buy Land And Build Or Buy A House.

Ahhh decisions, decisions. Here we are, 2 weeks after getting back from our vacation, pondering quite deeply a move to Taos, New Mexico. We cannot seem to get it out of our heads! The scenery is beautiful, the air is clean, the people are great, and the real estate is reasonable. Oh, and there is […]


Favorite Blog Wednesday – Life Of A Digerati.

The 10th personal finance site in my series “Favorite Blog Wednesday” is The Digerati Life, a blog written by a… engineer! How many times have you seen that? Busy with a full time job and a family, the “Silicon Valley Blogger” still has time to post regularly about money, starting a business, taxes and real […]


Top Ten Things I Learned On My Vacation Through The Southwest.

Sinagua Indian Cliff Drawings – Pretty cool stuff here. After driving 14.5 hours yesterday back to Los Angeles, I am incredibly tired and not really rested at all. I slept last night in my own bed after 8 days, but instead of feeling great when I woke up this morning, I feel like someone hit […]


57 Important Web Resources For Investors.

I was told of a great post today over at Ask The Advisor that has 57 must have web resources for investors. These resources include such things such as the Morningstar classroom for learning how to invest to fantasy investing sites where you can practice your ideas until you commit real money to them. Anyway, […]

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