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How Much Does It Cost To Own Different Kinds Of Animals?

Since we had to take our 15 year old cat to the vet, it got me thinking about the varying costs of owning different pets. We would not want any other animal right now as he has been hanging out with me since college and he is kind of like a dog in that he […]


How Do You Know When You Have Enough?

Do you have “enough”? Are you working extra hard to buy extra stuff that you don’t actually need? How many hours of your working day go towards unnecessary expenses? Could you work less hours if you required less stuff? Wanted less stuff? Had less stuff?


Advice On Doing What You Want, When You Want, And How You Want.

As many of you know, I left my corporate gig over 2.5 years ago to strike out on my own. I get emails all the time asking me how I did it, and it’s really a hard thing to answer in a single post as it is a culmination of so many things I went […]


Look At Me And My Designer Clothes!

If there is one thing I have never understood, it is the allure of overpriced designer clothing. The reason I don’t understand it is because most people buy fancy brand names because of the name and the fact that it is displayed in a large font on the item itself, all in an effort to […]


Is Your Life Fiction Or Non-Fiction?

Are your life choices and decisions based in reality or fiction? Do you feel entitled to a better standard of living than you can currently afford? Are you deep in debt because of it? These are questions I always ask myself when I see stories of people living in trailer parks but driving $40,000 cars, […]

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