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Money Management Advice From My 9 Year Old.

This is a guest post from Neal Frankle, CFP, who blogs over at Wealth Pilgrim Like everyone, my income and financial situation has been “impacted” by the current economic crisis. And as you can imagine, the “impact” hasn’t been pleasant. We’re not at risk of losing our home or business (thank G-d) but our lifestyle […]


Towns Are Cutting Their Budgets And People Are Hurting – A Reminder To Myself.

This is real. I don’t see it too much here in my small mountain town because so much of our economy is local and we pretty much provide for ourselves, but communities across the country are suffering. Friends I talk to in other places see the neighborhoods in foreclosure, the long lines at job fairs, […]


Don’t Bury Your Financial Head In The Sand.

Of all the times you could choose to ignore your finances, now would not be the time. Between the banks being more choosy about who they lend to, the unemployment rate nearing 8%, and the future of the economy in question, now is the time you should be paying the most attention to your finances! […]


My Two Dollars Interviewed Over At Better Trades.

In case anyone is interested, an interview I did with the website Better Trades is now up and live on their site. Most of it you guys already know, but there might be a few tidbits you don’t. So head on over if you want to check it out!


New Site Announcement – Simple. Organized. Life.

Hi everyone. I just wanted to formally announce a new site I started a few weeks ago called Simple. Organized. Life. I believe the title is self-explanatory, and I will use it to explore that side of my life a little more than I do here. I am into trying (and still learning) to live […]

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