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When & What To Teach Your Children About Money.

Reading through the latest issue of Kiplinger I came across a great article about teaching kids about money issues that I thought I would share with you guys. I have written before about how I think personal finance needs to be taught in high school and this article takes the lesson one step further by […]


The Best Investment You Can Make Is In Your Health.

After all, without that, any money you make/earn/put away/invest won’t mean diddly. This month’s Money Magazine had a great article on investing in your health and how it is the best investment you can possibly make. And let me tell you first hand that although you may think you are healthy, things sneak up on […]


The Final Tally – Moving Costs And Our Cost of Living Differences.

Well, we are all settled in our new home here in New Mexico – it was a long, drawn out process but we are finally back to “living our life” like normal people. Most everything is unpacked, I have my home office set up (time to make some money as only one of us is […]


How Do You Decide To Tip Or Not?

What is your criteria for tipping at restaurants/bars/coffee shops/fast food joints? Many people tip at every opportunity, but I tend to be more selective. After all, if you do not tip at the local McDonald’s, why tip the guy that filled your coffee cup with brown water? After all, the guy at the coffee shop […]


5 Ways To Help Determine Where You Should Be Living Your Life.

Not happy with your current locale? Feel that you are missing out on something better? You are not alone, it is a pretty common complaint that I get emails about. Just the other day I received this email from reader Janet: “I just read your post about moving to New Mexico and it sounds lovely. […]

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