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Looking Back – Things I Wish I Had Known When I Was 18.

The following is a guest post from Lynnae over at Being Frugal. Be sure to check out her site if you are looking for advice on being more frugal! Do you ever look back and wonder, “What if I had known this when I was 18?” I know I do. It’s not that I live […]


The Readers Speak – Your Money Mistake Monday.

So, last week I asked you guys to let me know what you thought were your biggest money mistakes – and many of you took up the challenge and shared them with me. What did you have to say and what can we learn from you? Clare said “Looking back, I practically believed that shopping […]


Weathering The Storm Of The Coming Recession.

The following is a guest post from Jonathan at Master Your Card. There’s been a lot of buzz lately about the storm that seems to be brewing over the great USA, and we’re already starting to see signs that this tempest is starting to rear its ugly head. The storm I am talking about is […]


Ask The Readers: Money Mistake Monday – What’s Your Biggest Mistake?

I wanted to open this week’s Money Mistake Monday to you, the reader – What’s your biggest money mistake of all time? What do you wish you could go back and change? What, if anything, would you have done differently if you had known then what you know now? We all have made Money Mistakes […]


Sign Of Even Higher Prices To Come – Grain Exports Halted Around The World.

In what could be a sign of things to come in terms of prices at the grocery store (or worse), some of the world’s largest grain exporters around the world were ordered to stop exporting their product yesterday. This lead to spikes in poorer countries around the world, where people are already struggling with the […]

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