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Please Take 20 Minutes To Watch ‘The Story Of Stuff’.

Now THIS is what I am talking about. I am a big advocate of clearing out the clutter, buying only what you need, and using what you have until it is completely unusable. The reason I am like this? Because only 1% of everything we consume is still in use 6 months down the road. […]


Take Care Of What You Own To Save Yourself Money.

photo by jaqian By taking care of what you own you can save yourself a ton of money. Too many people don’t maintain their belongings, which can lead to spending their hard-earned money buying the same item several times over. Stopped changing the oil in your car? You could be taking years off of it’s […]


Instead Of Money, My Wife Gave Her Hair To Charity.

To Locks of Love, that is. And although you cannot really “write off” your donation on your taxes, this was worth way more to her than any amount of money. Her hair was really long and she was looking for a change – so she had it all cut off and donated it to charity. […]


U.S. Postal Service Has Advice On Avoiding Identity Theft.

While I would say one of the top ways of avoiding having your identity stolen would be to stop sending snail mail, the U.S. Postal Service has ironically sent out a letter to everyone about identity theft. They say they have partnered with the Federal Trade Commission in spreading the news about the new FTC […]


You Are Not Your Stuff, Your Stuff Is Not You.

photo by Uh “¦ Bob You cannot buy your way to happiness. There, I said it. I talk a lot about money on this site, but there is one thing I like to keep in mind as I am writing articles for My Two Dollars. And that is that no matter how much you make […]

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