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Money Mistake Monday – The Grass Is Always Greener Syndrome.

You know you have fallen for it in some way or another – what you don’t have, where you don’t live, the job you want – they are always way better in your mind than they probably would be in reality. That’s not to say that they aren’t better than what you have; but nothing […]


Why You Should Avoid Bankruptcy When You Spend Yourself Into Debt.

Photo from stock.xchng For many people, bankruptcy is a way to start over – to get a hold of their life and start from scratch. And while it can be very valuable for some people, for most who file it is just a temporary fix. Sometimes, even the most fiscally responsible person finds themselves with […]


Voluntary Simplicity – Is It The Answer?

Wouldn’t you like to work less and retire earlier? Have you ever thought of a way to make that happen? Most of us (myself included, back in the day) just go through life getting up in the morning, putting in our 8-10 hours a day (or more) and coming home to watch television for 4 […]


Money Mistake Monday – Doesn’t Care How You Pay For It Girlfriend Syndrome.

Photo from stock.xchng In this first post in what I hope will be a series of weekly posts titled “Money Mistake Monday”, I wanted to share with you a little something called “The Fancy High-End Wants Everything And Doesn’t Care How You Pay For It Girlfriend Syndrome”. A few years back (about 8 years) I […]


My One Money Advice (MOMA).

A blog I read quite often, A Penny Closer, just tagged me with the aim to get me to give “My One Money Advice”, which goes along with Moolanomy’s MEME from a little while back. While it is difficult to pick one piece of advice concerning money, I guess the one thing I can offer […]

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