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Could Your Lack Of Money Be Your Own Fault?

About two weeks ago, I was having a pretty in-depth conversation with a good friend of mine when the topic of money came up. Normally, I try to keep talk about both money and politics out of my discussions with my friends, but this time I decided to go with it to see where it […]


How To Get Out Of Jury Duty Summons – 16 Fool-Proof Excuses

You will be called for jury duty one day – I guarantee it. If the state, city, or county knows that you exist, you will get a summons to appear for jury duty at least several times in your life. And while we really should all be willing to do our civic duty when called […]


How to Get Rid of Roaches – Cockroach Control

Ever had a problem with cockroaches in your home? I have, and it’s not fun. Back in college (which feels like 1000 years ago at this point) I lived with another guy in an old duplex we shared with another couple of guys (parties were great!) that had bullet holes in the back door. And […]


Downsizing To Save Hundreds Per Month & Reduce Needed Income.

Yep, moving again. Granted, this move isn’t as far as my last few – California to New Mexico and then New Mexico to Colorado – but in a week or so I will be moving exactly 1/2 of a block. After much angst and discussion, I decided that I wanted to stay in Colorado for […]


5 Dangerous Misconceptions People Have About Money.

Few subjects are as distorted by myths, half-truths and falsehoods as money. While most people know enough to get through their lives, Mark Twain described much shoddy thinking about money when he famously said: “It ain’t so much what we know that gets us into trouble. It’s what we know that just ain’t so.” There […]

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