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Lemonade the Movie: A Free, Must-Watch Documentary To Inspire You.

If you haven’t already seen, or possibly haven’t even heard of, Lemonade the Movie, you need to go watch it ASAP. I watched it online last week for free and was terrifically inspired by the 35 minute film. It is about what people who were once paid to be creative for a living do when they’re laid off – it was great. Way too often I hear people complain about the fact that they hate their job or their boss, yet they stay in the very place that drives them crazy for years and years. Well, most of the people featured in this documentary got laid off from jobs they actually liked…and used it as a catalyst to discover things they enjoy even more. It’s about 16 advertising professionals who lost their jobs and found their calling, encouraging people to listen to that little voice inside their head that asks, “What if?”. This same little voice plagued me for years in the corporate world before I finally had enough and just said “enough” – and walked out the door without a backup plan. And I haven’t looked back since. Sure, sometimes things are tight and sometimes they are going really well…but I work for myself, doing something I enjoy, and there is still food on my table and a roof over my head. What more could a person ask for? Well, the people in this film are doing practical things that they love and making it work. It should be a “must-see” for everyone as a reminder that you don’t have to stay in a job you hate – you have other options if you start brainstorming a bit. Take a look at the trailer for the film:

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It’s Not What You Earn, It’s What You Spend.

The first 30 years of my life I was convinced it was the other way around. I believed that in order to be successful you had to make a lot of money, at any price, even if it meant that you hated what you did for a living. After all, what was more important than making a lot of money?


Start the New Year Off Right – How to Organize Your Finances.

With the arrival of 2010, I thought a quick post and link to some info about organizing your finances could be of some use. In the past, I used to have my paperwork everywhere, and I could never find anything without spending hours digging through file cabinets, paper boxes, the desk, the bookcase…everywhere. And come tax time, forget it. I was never the type to get my shoebox out in January and fill it all year long with tax documents like donations to charity or Goodwill. All that changed in the last year for me, and it has made quite a difference. So, from, I wanted to share with you these 5 ways to start organizing your finances so that 2010 will be a smoother year than 2009 was.


Checking In On Your Financial Health.

Wondering just how you are doing financially? You probably are if you are like the majority of people. While I don’t necessarily worry about it or spend too much time focusing on how much money I have, it’s nice to check in once in a while to see how I am doing compared to how I am “supposed” to be doing. And since 2009 is coming to a close in a few days, I wanted to revisit a quick little test I found last year over at CNN/Money that asks questions about how much you make, your age, your housing and debt costs, retirement information, etc and tells you how you are doing. While not an exact science, it can give you a good overview of your situation. It only takes a few minutes, so give it a shot!


Why Do We Even Carry Cash Anymore? – Debit Cards=The Future Of Finance.

While driving through the drive-thru at a fast food joint this week, a thought occurred to me. As I handed over dollar bills to pay for my cheeseburger, I started wondering, “Why do I even carry cash anymore?” Although this may sound like a bizarre question to be asking myself, there is some truth in it. Today’s society is moving more and more towards simplicity, and even though cash is simple, it’s not the simplest form of payment out there anymore. Instead, society is moving towards debit cards, also known as check cards. The reason why is pretty simple, because there are a lot of benefits to carrying a debit card:

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