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Lemonade the Movie: A Free, Must-Watch Documentary To Inspire You.

If you haven’t already seen, or possibly haven’t even heard of, Lemonade the Movie, you need to go watch it ASAP. I watched it online last week for free and was terrifically inspired by the 35 minute film. It is about what people who were once paid to be creative for a living do when […]

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It’s Not What You Earn, It’s What You Spend.

The first 30 years of my life I was convinced it was the other way around. I believed that in order to be successful you had to make a lot of money, at any price, even if it meant that you hated what you did for a living. After all, what was more important than […]


Start the New Year Off Right – How to Organize Your Finances.

With the arrival of 2010, I thought a quick post and link to some info about organizing your finances could be of some use. In the past, I used to have my paperwork everywhere, and I could never find anything without spending hours digging through file cabinets, paper boxes, the desk, the bookcase…everywhere. And come […]


Checking In On Your Financial Health.

Wondering just how you are doing financially? You probably are if you are like the majority of people. While I don’t necessarily worry about it or spend too much time focusing on how much money I have, it’s nice to check in once in a while to see how I am doing compared to how […]


Why Do We Even Carry Cash Anymore? – Debit Cards=The Future Of Finance.

While driving through the drive-thru at a fast food joint this week, a thought occurred to me. As I handed over dollar bills to pay for my cheeseburger, I started wondering, “Why do I even carry cash anymore?” Although this may sound like a bizarre question to be asking myself, there is some truth in […]

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