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What’s Old Can Be Brand New Again.

Originally posted at one my sister sites, Simple.Organized.Life. As most of you guys know, I have been away for a few weeks visiting family and friends. One of the groups of people that I visited are my friends in Colorado, where I stayed for a night both heading to the east coast and returning here […]


What I Drive Doesn’t Try To Define Me Or To Impress Others.

Only a few more days of vacation! While I finalize things around here and get back on the road in 2 days, please enjoy one of my favorite and most popular posts from a year ago. I will be back next week with all new stuff, so thanks for your patience in the mean time! […]


Cut Spending By Looking At Hours Of Work Put In To Pay For Stuff.

How many hours of your week is spent working just to pay for your “wants” versus your “needs”? Do you have to put in overtime just to keep up with minimum credit card payments, or can you survive comfortably on your regular salary? Are you working for your stuff or are you working for you? […]


What Your Moving Company Won’t Tell You Until You Sign The Paperwork.

Last week, Smart Money ran an article discussing the 10 things that moving companies won’t voluntarily tell you that I found pretty interesting, as I have hired major moving companies 3 times in the last 10 years. And while I did get my stuff each time, the amount of money I was charged did change […]


Don’t Forget To Live Today While Planning For The Future.

Retirement, Emergency Funds, Education, Health Care, Life Insurance – the worrying never ends, does it? Most people spend so much time focusing on the future that they forget that their life is happening right now…not tomorrow, not in 20 years, but right now. This is it – this is your life. There are no second […]

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