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Top 25 Towns To Live Well In.

Forbes has released their annual list of of the top towns to live well in here in the U.S., and there might be some surprises on the list. Here are the Top 10 from the list: 10. Foster City, California 9. Coral Gables, Florida 8. Rockville, Maryland 7. Columbia, Maryland 6. Newton, Massachusetts 5. Cupertino, […]


Simple Quiz For Taking Stock Of Your Financial Health.

We are all very concerned with the health of our bodies, but sometimes people let the health of their finances slide a little bit. I know I have been guilty of this in the past! Lucky for you, I just came across a simple 7 step quiz you can take to get an insight into […]


Get Your Mom The Gift Of Time For Mother’s Day.

She doesn’t need more crap to clutter up the house, I promise you that. Throughout my teenage years and into my twenties, I always felt like I had to get my mom something for Mother’s Day. Something, anything – a frame with the word “Love” on it, a nice picture, some flowers that die in […]


Super-Rich In UK Becoming Less Super-Rich In UK.

If you can afford to lose a few billion dollars but still have billions left, I have trouble feeling bad for you, even if it is 25% of your net worth. If I lost 25% of my net worth, I would be worth $.75, so there. 😉 There’s a big difference in how much you […]


I Have No Need Or Desire To Be Wealthy.

I have absolutely no need or want to be wealthy. There, I said it. Was that so bad? Many people would take issue with that statement, but not me. I honestly have no need to be wealthy in my life. Comfortable? Yes, absolutely. Do I want to go without? Nope. But do I need more […]

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