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Forclosure Hell: Houses Selling For $1.

Sure, it needs a little work…and it is in Detroit. But when it last sold for $65,000 a few years ago, it was the nicest house on the block. But now, it has just been sold for $1.00. Yes, you read that right – One Dollar. So desperate was the bank owner of 8111 Traverse […]


How One Borrower Beat The Bank At The Foreclosure Game.

As any regular reader will know, I am not a fan of A. bailing out anyone that took on more mortgage than they can chew or B. letting people walk away from mortgages they cannot afford. Both A and B cost me money as a taxpayer, which I am not happy about. However, this story […]


Some Foreclosures Cannot Be Helped, Says Treasury Dept. I Agree, And Nor Should They Be.

Be sure to take the poll about this subject at the end of the post! I just finished reading a recent article about Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson saying that there are many foreclosures that cannot be helped; but I would venture to say that there were even more than he thinks that shouldn’t be bailed […]


Trouble Selling? How To Enhance Your Home’s Curb Appeal.

You know the drill…you list your house and wait forever for someone to come along and make you an offer. But in this market, sellers must do everything they possibly can in order to entice a buyer into making that offer. Houses are not selling themselves anymore! But according to Money, there are 9 things […]


The Sounds of Foreclosure – “Jingle Mail”.

Written by Ginger, a twenty something, married graduate student managing to balance it all. Her love of personal finance as it relates to women is evident in her blog, Girls Just Wanna Have Funds. She discusses topics such as budgeting, investing and frugality, and encourages readers to remain mindful of their spending habits. Subscribe to […]

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