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Do Not Buy A House Before You Are Ready And Able.

The following is a guest post from Trees Full of Money. Don’t buy into the hype that if you are renting you are “throwing money away”. When making a decision to buy a new property, make sure that you are truly ready. With the run up in home prices over the last 7 years, many […]


Taxpayers Angry About Bailing Out Reckless Lenders And Borrowers.

Finally, there are people doing something about this ridiculous mortgage crisis and bailout plan that I have discussed before. From CNN: “We are both working professionals who would have liked to buy,” said Matthew Haas, a community development organizer who moved to Los Angeles with his wife in 2003. They opted not to pay bubble […]


Do You Think It Is OK To Walk Away From A Mortgage You Cannot Afford?

What do you think? From CNN/Money: Homeowners are abandoning their homes and, more importantly, their mortgages, rather than trying to keep up with rising payments on deteriorating assets. So many people are handing their keys back to lenders that a new term has been coined for it: jingle mail. “I stopped paying my mortgage in […]


My Thoughts On This Whole Mortgage Crisis And Why I Don’t Feel That Bad.

Here is the thing – I do not own a house. I do not have a mortgage. Why? I cannot afford one here where I live. My rent is $1,949 a month, and a house equivalent in size to my apartment would be about $1 million dollars. This would mean I would have to carry […]


10 Tips For First-Time Apartment Renters.

So, you are looking for your first real apartment, huh? Time to start paying the rent? Yea, it stinks, I know – I have been paying rent now for 13 years. And although I want to buy a house, in this market in my neighborhood, it’s just not going to happen! So rent I do, […]

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